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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 8, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. let's take a look at the weather shear lisa argen. >> this is view from the beach in santa cruz, our marine laborer just about doubled in morning. allowing for clouds to push inland but now we are looking them retreat. 59 in san jose. clouds around fremont and clouds around watsonville and monterey. trend will continue to pull back and about midday sunshine for the stern grove festival, the jazz festival but by the later evening hours the fog is back. so we're talking about once again the marine layer bringing us a break today but things will change. seven-day outlook is coming up.
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california highway patrol is searches for a white pickup truck for a fatal multi-car crash in san mateo. it happened near east poplar avenue just before 1:00 this morning broke go the four left lanes. one person died at the scene. one other suffered life-threatening injuries. chp kept four lanes clear to investigate the accident. they lifted it around 4:00 this morning. they say the drive of the white pickup caused the pile-up and he left the scene. >> the california horse racing association will hold a memorial service at the alameda county fair in pleasanton for the jockey who died after a freak accident during a race last thursday. 33-year-old jockey was thrown off a horse that clipped heels
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with another horse. he suffered major head injuries and died two hours later at a local hospital. according to the racing site fair ground managers have agreed to stock with a licensing paramedic. paramedics did not reach him until ten to 20 minutes. they did not require a paramedic at the race because they were part of the fair. the fair ends today. >> this morning a shark warning remains for the santa cruz kreost after a kayaker says he was attacked. it happened yesterday morning around 8:30. he was in water 40 feet deep outside the kelp beds when it happened. the shark left a piece of tooth embedded in the kayak.
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they estimate it's a 14-18 foot great white. >> he felt a tremendous back of the kayak which lifted it up actually out of the water. at the same time he saw the head and the front of the kayak taking of the bi tef of the kayak and he was thrown into the water. >> a boat happened to be nearby so he swam there. he was in shock but otherwise okay. authorities say there are great white sharks off of santa cruz but they usually stay in deeper astronauts. >> this morning san francisco police are investigating a shooting that has injured a 17-year-old. it happened in the portola district at the corner of san bruno avenue and felton street after 5:30. the teenager was standing with a relative when they heard gunshots. victim was hitter in the chest. a suspect was seen running away. investigators say it's unclear
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whether that teenager was the intended target. a memorial bike ride will take this place in rohnert park to honor a university professor. he died while riding his bicycle after being hit by a truck driver. bicyclists of all ages is expected to attend the memorial ride. they are gathering outside the performing arts center off of snyder lane. it covers distances of ten, 14 and 38 miles. the man charged with murdering missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar, yesterday car was was held to continue the search. you have to be 18 to join the
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search. her younger friends organized the carwash. >> we're so happy with everything that is going on. people that are under 18 that are helping. it shows that we are not giving up. >> the fund leading information leading to sierra has grown to $35,000. >> this week san jose takes up at a look at ban by plastic bags. plastic bags plans to sue but they plan to push forward. another regulation would ban the sale of foam including toys, coolers and even packing materials. yet a third measure which alters how the electronic waste is recycled. those proposals will come up again for a second and final voted at the end of the month. the bans on plastic bags and
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foam containers come as the city finds ways to reduce litter in streets and parks and land ways. >> the bay area is bucking the trend of rising gas prices. our prices still higher than elsewhere shall trending down. the national average for a gallon of regular gas dropped for 75 days in a row. it bottomed out at 3.34 last week and since then the national trend has been rising bouncing back up to 3.37. they say what used to be uncertainty about the global economy has turned into a robust projection. >> positive economic news both domestically and internationally a more robust economy is expected to consume more crude oil and gasoline. here are today's gas price averages, aaa says a gallon of regular in san francisco will cost you exactly what you paid a
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year ago, $3.87. oakland averages 3.72 per gallon and you can expect to fill up for 3.72 in san jose. for now, those prices show a downward slide. coming up next, actress natalie wood's drowning more than 30 years ago is no longer being classified as as an accident on her death certificate. how they are now categorizing her death. >> and massachusetts congressman barney franks makes history with barney franks makes history with i'll have the $4 everyday value slam with... bacon.
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hot to relax it away. so you're back to full speed. [ male announcer ] icy hot. power past pain. developing news an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.2 shook fort bragg this morning. it hit at 5:05 and was centered in mendocino county. there is no reports of damage or injuries. >> there are more questions this morning about the mysterious death 30 years ago of natalie wood. the l.a. county coroner's office have changed the cause from accidental to undetermined. police reopened the investigation into her drowning death after boating with robert
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wagner and another friend. they came forward with new allegations. >> there wasn't lying, it was not merely not telling them everything. >> he says wood and wagner were fighting that night and wagner refused to let him turn on the searchlights to look for her when she vanished. they were more concerned about discrepancies in the original medical report. it noted bruises to her arms and legs inconsistent with an accidental drowning. police were unable to reach a new conclusion. >> 72-year-old barney franks has made history to become first member of congress to wed in a same sex ceremony. he married his long time partner in a ceremony near boston. this is congressman frank arriving at the hotel for the ceremony. he is a democrat who is retiring after representing his district for more than three decades.
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he is the first openly gay member of congress. his new husband runs a handyman business in maine. he tried to keep the wedding a secret and some 300 friends and colleagues attended the ceremony. you see nancy pelosi. >> those of us who known barney for a long time, this is a day to celebrate. this is wonderful marriage, two great people. so i'm thrilled to be here. when president obama announced his support of gay marriage, congressman frank called it, quote, a sign that things have evolved. new this morning, watch what happens when a tightrope walk they are china attempts the unthinkable. he was attempted to walk backwards with his eyes covered on a tightrope. it's windy there the cable
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starts swaying and 130 feet to go. he loses his balance and falls. he said he had begun to feel faint. fortunately he was only slightly injured. why do they do that? >> i don't know. >> her job is predicting the weather. >> we saw the marine layer doubling just overnight. it sparked some cooling and sunny in san jose and start out with the clouds and 62 degrees here in san jose. we're going to talk about a slightly cooler afternoon but a hot mid-week. i'll tell you about it next. >> also next an all-star performance, josh reddick delivers with his bat against the mariners. mike s
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we invite i to be part of abc7 sleep train dream campaign. for every knew like we get on the "abc 7 news" facebook page this summer, one dollar will go to help local foster kids in need. all you have to go to we are glad to be part of this campaign. lease has been talking all morning about how it's cooler today. >> it is. already from yesterday morning,
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we're seeing temperatures 2-13 degrees cooler. lots of sunshine in the east bay. here is walnut creek. we are looking at a little bit of a wind that has reached our east bay valleys. that will help trim the numbers back. live doppler shows the low clouds and fog banked up along the shoreline. it will help keep our beaches around ocean beach, half moon bay, on the cloudy side. still clouds hanging around oakland and fremont as well as isn't santa rosa. take a look, 13 degrees cooler wean were yesterday. 4 degrees cooler in san jose but no real change half moon bay. low clouds and fog, mist and drizzle, temperatures coming down a little bit today. then by at some time they are starting in the other direction but the really hot weather comes our way tuesday and wednesday. the culprit is this upper-level low off the coast of central california. that is allowing the low clouds
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and fog to grow taller. it will continued to retreated and temperatures in the low 60s along the shoreline. some of the mid 90 a, we're talking low 90s but the high pressure comes right back at us come tuesday and wednesday. we're talking about mid-90s cool -- but well in the triple-digits around the tri-valley then we'll cool off after that. we do have temperatures today in the south bay, about 4 degrees cooler. 82 in sunnyvale. numbers will be trimmed back in men low pack to the upper 70s. redwood city in the 80s and stern festival starting out cloudy. mid 60s in the city. 84 in novato. sonoma county, getting warmer but the 90s well up into cloverdale.
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72 san leandro. that see breeze feel it close to the bay, hayward. dublin, 87 today. last day for the alameda county fair. 91 for the south in gilroy. it's awfully cloudy around the central coast. later on today, sunny and breezy some 70s for you and tonight we'll see a return of the low clouds and fog. nice day tomorrow but the sheet coming back tuesday and wednesday. it's short-lived, a little moisture on thursday and friday. it's changing up every couple days. >> let's talk about the giants this morning. tim lincecum starts in pittsburgh for the giants and the final game before the all-star break. first pitch is in a little more than an hour. yesterday the giants lost the close game to the pirates. here is shu with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. whoever made up the giants
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schedule was not a fan. vogelsong on the mound a long trip for nothing! pirates pitcher was smoking. struck out ten in seven innings. pirates add to their lead. michael mchenry slaps a seventh home run and puts the pirates up 2-0. and here he singles home one run. pirates get one more off of vogelsong and brings in a run with a double off the wall. allows three running and seven innings, 3-1 is your final and giants have lost six of their last eight. >> great day to barbecue. josh reddick, why isn't he an all-star? hits his 20th of season. 1-1 game. on the mound, double down the line, two runs score.
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3-1 mariners. top three. someone wants to explain how josh reddick is not an all-star! jason vargas allowing one run and five-game winning streak, 7-1 your final. >> let's tee it up at 67th u.s. women's open. 17-year-old lexi shot a nice birdie chip here. michelle wi was one to start the day. she is two over. and leader by six shots, great approach on the par five hole and birdies with another on 12. only four players have shot a lower round. choy is up and six up on amy
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yang. >> pga tour, troy kelly shot an amazing 62. 12 under for the tournament. she chasing open champ west simpson. he is 14 under. he will be shooting five under 65. we'll see you tonight at 5:00. have a great day. >> coming up next, getting musical at west coast's largest free jazz festival. and reminder download our new alarm clock app for your iphone. wake up tomorrow to the bay area's latest headlines and traffic info right on your phone. the free abc7 news alarm clock app is available now at the app store. search for abc7 news san francisco alarm.
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some of the bay area's most talented musicians are in san francisco for the big fillmore jazz festival. it wraps up today. ♪ ♪ this year's festival features more than two dozen bands on three stages including a tribute to the late etta james. the event is expected to draw about 90,000 people to fillmore
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street this weekend making it the largest free jazz festival on the west coast. it kicks in about half an hour at 10:00 and runs until 6:00 this evening and yesterday it was warm was heating up yesterday. >> today we've got more in the way of clouds and fog. sea breeze and couple degrees cooler. 66 in downtown today. low 70s in oakland and santa clara, san jose, you are coming out of the upper 80s to mid 80s. few degrees of cooling. about the same tomorrow. we heat up big time tuesday and wednesday and then cooler into the week. thank you lisa. that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. next newscast is at 5:00. we're off because of indy car racing in toronto. coverage starts next at 9:30
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